Lamebo VS. Zombies, 36 Levels of Insane Zombie Shooting!

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    The iPhone App Review – “The game
    mechanic is simple, but with multiple weapons and upgrades, Lamebo VS Zombies offers an incredible amount of depth—and hilariously
    offensive battle cries to boot!”

    iPhone Footprint-“Lamebo is
    one of those games that gets more satisfying the longer you play.”

    Mevio Tech – “Play is fast and exciting, and you’ll find yourself quickly
    wrapped up in conquering 36 levels of zombie blasting action.”

    Iphone Apps Review Online– “Listening to Lamebo’s victory celebration
    had my little one in splits. He never seemed to get enough of the zombie bears and zombie chickens.”

    Daily App Show–“The first thing you’re going to notice with this game is the incredible attention to detail”

    AppAdvice – “Forget about Rambo,Lamebo is the new tough … sheep in town.”

    Available on iOS for iPhone
    Who’s a foul mouthed magma gun yielding zombie blasting mutated lamb then? Lamebo, that’s who!
    Lamebo VS Zombies is an addictively fast and furious zombie blasting game.
    You will control the mutated lamb called Lamebo and defend yourself against a multitude of strange zombified
    creatures such as half-bodied crawling zombies, zombified chickens who lay venomous eggs, katana-yielding
    zombified ninja rabbits and explosive keg throwing zombie bears!

    As Lamebo progresses through the stages, you must face scarier zombies and more challenging level designs. The
    good thing is, there is a healthy arsenal of wicked weapons at hand to blast the zombies into smithereens. Not
    enough fire power? No problem, because every weapon can be upgraded multiple times!

    You are likely to find yourself chortling aloud as you listen to Lamebo’s borderline offensive victory chants and
    the zombies’ feverish ramblings!

    Controls are kept simple to engage even the most unsophisticated players. You literally just need one finger to tap
    away and blast the zombies back to where they belong!

    ** What’s Inside Lamebo VS Zombies **
    - The ultimate zombie blasting action comedy gaming experience!
    - Superb graphics from the award-winning MediaFreaks animation studio!
    - 36 levels of insane zombie shooting action!
    - 7 awesome weapons with 21 super upgrades!
    - Scores of zombies all with their unique attack styles!
    - Bonus endless mode to put your zombie vanquishing skills to the test!
    - Unlock Super Lamebo for double the firepower!
    - Upgrade to Mini Lamebos for triple the firepower!
    - Maniacally funny voiceovers!
    - Wickedly original soundtracks!

    iTunes Link: lamebo-vs-zombies

    Website: Swagsoft apps

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