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New Gadgets Thread


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Dec 13, 2010
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There are many gadgets that we use from day to day. I figured let's get a thread started on these forums about gadgets we are looking forward to owning in the next few months.

I'll get the thread started, I'll start with one that is close to our hearts as smartphone users:

My set up is pretty unorganized. I have a charger for my iPhone, my Wii remotes and for my mp3 player. I usually have a full power strip at any time with wires everywhere.

The marketing company I work for recently entered into a campaign with Energizer for their new Qi(pronounced chee) line of wireless chargers. Energizer Inductive Charging Stations brings consumers the freedom to charge their smartphones, MP3 players, cameras – any device 5W or less – on a single charging station, regardless of manufacturer.

The link for the Qi can be checked out here:
Energizer Inductive Charging Pad | Charging Station | Qi Technology

I plan on getting one of these for myself this christmas as it'll streamline things significantly.

What are some cool gadgets that you guys are going to see yourself getting in the next few months?
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well i hope in the up coming months the new iphone.. well thats not until july but still..

thats it... nothing else am looking forward to. dont want an ipad or ipod touch 4... new hardware like macbook pros? no

dunno what the deal is with the playstation if there will be a new ps4? i hope so. i will get lion osx but that doesent count though :/

cant think of anything else i would like thats coming soon

does star wars old republic game count?