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Jun 30, 2010
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I've only been a member for a few days and not sure if I have posted here jet. This is my first iPhone and I do not regret buying it. It's build quality is second to none, comparing this to a "phone" is like comparing a harley to a "motorcycle" except I think the iPhone is made better then the harley. LOL
Here is me on my Harley a few years ago.

Watch it now, I'm a Harley Chick!! LOL

I'm allowed to talk trash my first bike when I was 15 was a 43 hardtail and I gave it to my cousin because I was young and broke and couldn't afford to keep it running.
I now own a 2003 Fatboy ( boughh it new) with a custom built 95ci and a Baker OD6 the only thing on it that is stock is the seat, rims, frame, and paint :D
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Here is a pic of mine I took a about a week ago after the OD6 install and the rebuild of the bottom end.

The crank shifted and took out my charging system, cam plate, and oil pump.
This is what I have now...
J.E.T Heads
Screaming Eagle HTCC Intake
Keith Black 10.5:1 pistons
Darkhorse Crank w/ Timken Bearrings/ Chromoly H- Beam Connecting Rods
Head Quarters 0033-G Cam
S&S gear drive kit
Screaming Eagle adj. Pushrod kit
Power Commander III USB
Arlen Ness Bigsucker w/K&N
Stage II ECM
Baker OD6 'R' Ratio 1st and 2nd gears & N1 Shift Drum w/ high torq bearing kit
Barnett clutch
Bassani Road Rage 2-1
Got a quick question and didn't know where to post it.
I cant get my sig to show up on my post. It shows when I preview it but when I post it's gone.. WTF?