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Sep 17, 2010
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Another change I would love to see in the IPhone -
Currently the phone allows the owner to restrict certain Apps, requiring that a Password be entered in order to use the App. This is found under Settings>General>Restrictions.

It seems the MOST LIKLEY Apps to protect are not Apps that you can protect at all - dosent make sense

The Apps that CAN BE RESTRICTED IF DESIRED should be
1) Notes
2) Contacts
3) Phone
4) Mail
5) Settings
6) and maybe Calendar

These are all apps you might not want others to see, ones that could contain sensitive or personal data or could mess-up your phone.

Not being able to Protect Settings is particularly important. Suppose some Joker (or child) picks up your phone and scrolls down to Reset and hits Reset All !!!!!!!

Apple currently has 7 Apps that CAN be restricted - None of the ones they chose makes much sense - like WHY IN THE WORLD would I want to restrict Utube or Safari or the Camera or the others that they chose ?????
Go figure ??????