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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by Andy1979, Mar 30, 2021.

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    hey guys

    first time on this website but I need your help!

    a while ago I had Android (samsung) with few apps that I've deleted already on my Samsung, then I have transferred all data to my new Iphone pro.
    but when I go to Apple store and when I search Tinder there's still the 'cloud' symbol and not 'download', my girlfriend suspects me that I've downloaded it recently on my Iphone while I was super sure i've deleted on my Samsung before since we were in relationship.

    but ofcourse she has some trust issues now! and I dont have any freaking idea why the cloud symbol still appears in appstore.

    is this normal?
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    Welcome to iPhone Forums!

    The cloud symbol means that it’s not installed on your device right now, and it can be installed any time. The app will be available for download as long as you use this Apple ID.
    It also means that you’ve installed the app on your device since starting to use your current Apple ID, even if you did it just once, and then deleted it.

    So that’s normal behaviour.

    Play Store and App Store are not connected. So if you dowloaded an app on your Android smartphone/tablet, you’ll have to get or purchase it in the App Store as well, when you switch operating systems and intend to use the same app on your new device.

    Hope that helps.
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