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Need Loudest Text Message Tone Possible on iPhone 4?


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May 22, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I need some help. I have an iPhone 4 with with ios 6.1.3

I work as a first responder. Everytime we get a "call" it comes as a page to our cell phones via our phones email address from our dispatch. I work 24 hour shifts (we can sleep at night time), and that is where my question to you guys is.

What is the loudest, most annoying tone that can be played for when I get an SMS? I would like to set this for when I am sleeping. How do I set this up?

Currently, I downloaded a unique tone for when I get pages from dispatch, so I'd either like to somehow make that tone louder or just find a separate tone that is louder than that. Interestingly enough, for the tone I downloaded, it is played at a much higher level when used as an alarm tone for an alarm in the clock app then when used as a tone for an sms.

Thanks all!


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