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Need icloud help


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Oct 2, 2012
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my phone and my kids iPads share an icloud. The iPad gets my texts and emails. How can I change my icloud and get a new one on my phone without messing up the iPads? Thank you.
I deleted your other post which was a duplicate of this one, Making more than one post fragments any replies and is against forum rules.
Thank you.
I dot have a delete account option. Here's what I get.


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The iCloud account is an Apple ID. That's why you have to sign out. That way you remove the account from your iPhone, and you'll be able to set up a new account afterwards.
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And doing so will not affect the original icloud or any data on the iPads?
I want to get rid of that account on my personal phone and let the iPads keep it
Afaik you can decide to keep data on your device before removing the account, and when installing the new iCloud account, you should be able to merge these with the new account. I'm not sure, though. The last time I tried this, was in iOS 7.

It's possible to use the original account on the iPad. There shouldn't be a problem.