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Jul 19, 2011
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My wife and I each have IPhones and IPads – 4 devices. She recently got a new IPad Pro and after setting this up I logged into ICloud on my Windows laptop and found that only 3 devices were listed, My phone & IPad and her new IPad – her IPhone was missing. The AppleID on both her devices is the same as is the password. I cannot see anything out of order and I have checked, as best I can, YouTube for a solution but have found none. If I try to login to ICloud on the PC it will not let me do that with her AppleID & password. I am stumped and need some help. What is it that ties her devices to my ICloud account?
Thank you
I‘ve removed the other thread you‘ve started a few days ago, about the same problem. Please don‘t post the same issue twice, if you don‘t get a reply immediately.

What connects all of the devices is the iCloud ID in Settings - her/your name - iCloud. If you set up the same ID on all of the iDevices, they should appear in Settings - her/your name when you scroll down.
Assuming all of the devices are set up with the same iCloud ID:
- Make sure date and time are correct. Wrong date, time or Time zone often cause problems with some settings.
- Update her iPhone, if the latest software is not installed.
- Remove the iCloud ID on her iPhone and set it up again.
Thank you for the help. I do have a question about the same ICloud ID - is this not the AppleID? Her IPad and my two devices use differebnt AppleID''s. What am I missing here. Software is up to date as is time and date.
A few years ago, it was possible to use an Apple ID that wasn‘t the same as the iCloud ID. No idea whether or not this is still supposed to work. So iCloud ID now usually refers to the Apple ID as well.

If you both use different IDs, your devices are not connected by the iCloud or Apple ID.

Another suggestion:
On her iPhone, go to Settings - her name - Find My, and make sure Find my iPhone is enabled. That done, log in to iCloud on your computer once more and see if you can see the iPhone now.
Thanks JA but I have done the Find MY thing to no avail. I hear what you alll are saying but how is her IPad, with a different AppleID than mine, showing up in my ICloud? I cannot sign into ICloud with her AppleID. Something is definitely weird here. Can I delete her AppleID from her IPhone without having to do a reset and reinstall?
Thanks for trying.
Yes, that‘s possible.
First, turn off Find my iPhone. Then sign out of her ID. It‘s possible to keep some of the iCloud information on the device when you log out. After signing out, log in with your or her ID.
Something to consider:
If you don‘t use her ID again, contacts, images, … might disappear and will be lost.

Does her iPad show up in iCloud in Settings - Devices, or in Find my…?

It might be necessary to contact Apple or take the iPhone to the next Apple Retail Store to find the problem with her Apple ID.
Yes, her new IPad Pro under her AppleID shows up in my ICloud devices, This is what is so puzzling as to why her old IPhone does not. Right now the only real issue has been that if I update Contacts she does not see them on her phone. I may take to Apple Store but they ate very crowded these days.
I appreciate your trying to help. Thank you.
JA, This is what befuddles me. Lets use an example. Assume her ICloud/Applid is [email protected]. This id totally different from mine, The Iphone is missing. If I I have her IPad and Iphone both set up with this id and using the same password. On either device if I go into settings and am promted for the passwords I get in with no problem. The IPad is on my list of deices in the cloud. If I try and sign into ICloud using the Janedoe id I have no luck at all. If this is a valid ID shouldn't I be able to get in with janedoe??
Yes, that should be possible. I’m also surprised that her iPad appears on your list of devices. With her ID set up, it shouldn’t.

When you try logging in with her ID, do you get any hint or popup, or is it just impossible, and the site returns to the login page?
All I get is the flag asking if I firgot the password or Appleid. I know the password is good as it is the one I use to work with her Iphone or IPad.
So, in a perfect world, should these 4 devices have been set up using the same Appleid and password?
That depends on your preferences.

If you want to see them in your Devices list in iCloud - set it up with your ID.
That also means she’ll see the images on your devices (if she wants to sync photos), will use your iCloud storage for backups and photos, …

If you‘d just like to see the devices in the Find My feature - set it up with her ID, and make sure there’s no problem with the ID.
I did sign in to her id using the email address and not the icloud.com suffix that usually is appended, I had not done that before. Can I still sync contacts with my icloud contacts?
You are a very patient person and I thank you.
An Apple ID or iCloud ID doesn’t have to be an …@icloud.com email address. My son and daughter use a Gmail address.

If you set up your account (the email address) on her device (in Settings - Mail - Accounts) and enable Contacts, they will be synced to her device.
It will also work the other way round: Set up her email address on your devices (same location), enable Contacts, in order to get them to your iPhone and/or iPad.
Thank you! I think I've got it and will not bother you again, Have a great weekend.