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Need Help With Sms Pls!


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Aug 25, 2010
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I have a jb iphone 4 and currently been having a lot of problems with my sms. I dont know if it was a program i installed or a setting i changed but I cant continue a conversation with the same person without hitting the message tab to receive a new txt from the same person. So whenever i am having a conversation with a person, if that person txt me and i txt back and then that same person txt me again i would have to hit the messages tab to see that new txt. if that makes sense. Basically, I can not have a back and forth txt message with the same person without always hitting the messages tab to see that persons new txt message. Anyone else experience this problem and know how to fix it. Thank you.
after hrs of uninstalling and reinstalling apps that i installed through cydia, I found out it was iBlacklist that was causing it. Thank you for your reply