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Navigon MobileNavigator iOS 4


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Navigon is a leading Turn-by-turn GPS App that does a lot more than just that. With the iOS 4 update that sprung into the App Store, it puts a little more kick into it:

  • Live Weather
  • Clever Parking
  • Destination Information Display
  • iOS 4 integration (including multitasking)
  • Enhanced Retina display buttons and icons for the iPhone 4
  • Latest NAVTEQ Maps
  • Pedestrian Mode Voice Guidance
  • Enhanced Reality View™ Pro and display of street names in the map view

The full App is available to purchase for only $49.99, but thats not all. Don't have the money for that? No problem. You can buy one of the Navigon MyRegion apps instead for $17.99. What this does is it give you GPS in your region of the US only. i.e. West, Central, or East. Sounds like a deal and a half there!

Thanks to TiPB for the update.
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does Navigon for iphone need data connection to use?
i've searched but couldn't find anywhere saying that the app need to use data or not

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i got it months ago and only got the western states for $17.99