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China Loves iOS 6 Maps, Even if No one Else Does!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Great article on AppleInsider about the much maligned iOS 6 Maps app. It turns out that although much of the world seems to dislike iOS 6 Maps (although I know opinion is divided, certainly here on our forum), it has proved to be very popular in China. According to a story in The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s Maps in China are seen as much more detailed than other similar types of maps that are available in that country, due to additional data for China from AutoNavi Holdings, which is a big mobile mapping provider in China, responsible for mapping navigation systems, virtual maps and satellite images. The China Maps app does not include TomTom data, however, for mapping outside of China, which means certain things are missing for users in China. The maps are also missing turn-by-turn directions, or 3D flyover, and only have written directions. Even so, as far as the maps for China are concerned, the iOS 6 Maps app has proved a big hit in China, according to AppleInsider, with one blogger, Anthony Drendel, writing that the app is “a huge improvement over Google Maps.” So some good news for Apple in the Maps front at least!

Source: Ridiculed in the West, Apple's iOS 6 Maps are instead praised in China

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