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Navigon GPS Multitasking iOS 4


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Bernd Hahn, from Navigon, demonstrates in a video how cool the iOS support of multitasking can be. It's not just switching between apps and being able to have them running in the background. This video is a good example of what the Apple version of multitasking does(oppose to Jailbreak multitasking)

You see in the video how he can easily switch between the GPS application and Safari, sure we've all seen that. What is new in this video is the cool feature they added to their GPS.

You're driving in your car, using your Navigon turn-by-turn GPS, and you suddenly get a phone call. You can easily get lost without GPS if you are in an area you don't know but you need to pick up that phone, Obama is calling.

With Navigon's new feature, you can pick up the phone and while you are talking, the application will still speak to you your next driving directions while you are on the phone. Sweet!


Source: MacRumors
that's cool, but it might interrupt the conversation. what if both r sayin important information @ the same time :p. still very nice feature