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National Weather Service is using old location


Mar 26, 2013
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I moved across the country a few months back. I am getting the national service weather alerts for my old location on the east coast when I live in the west coast. I am not even in the same time zone, let alone we moved to get out of winter weather. I am getting weather alerts for winter storm warnings for our old location at 3 am! I would like warnings for the area we are now in.

Also, isn't it supposed to change locations as you travel? We will be driving back in a few months to take care of a few things and would like to receive weather warnings enroute since we will be travelling through tornado alley.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
PS: I am ising an iPhone 5 with 8.1.2 but this has been going on for a few iOS updates.
Check your location settings, including you calendar and time zone settings. You may need a reset.
Found the issue. It is the Weather Channel App not the National Weather Service emergency alert system. I was in contact with the NOAA people and we figured it out. Found a contact us link.

I have the Weather Channel app but I never set it to receive notifications. Apparently, it must be a default because I had never done anything with settings. Never clicked it on that app. But it was set for sending notifications. I turned it off.