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My two concerns


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Jul 29, 2011
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Ruckersville, VA
The two things that concern me the most about the watch are:

Will it be at least one ATM water resistant?
This would be the minimum I feel it needs to be to truly be useful. If it requires removing when washing your hands or showering, it would immediately fall of my radar screen.

Where you need to wear it.
All the videos and photos posted so far show it being worn above the wrist on the forearm. I can't imagine wearing a watch that high on my arm. Again, if this positioning is required for the sensors to work I will not be buying one.

I hope these issues are perceived and not real as I really want one. I love my MetaWatch but am looking forward to a real Apple Watch that utilizes the iPhone to it's fullest.
I saw this and that, along with the fact that the rear sensors are LED based make me hopeful that my concerns are unfounded. At this point it is just a matter of waiting on more specs to be released. Unfortunately, regardless of my current stand, I will probably get one either way and adjust my life style to meet it's requirements instead of it meeting mine. I always get a bit upset when Apple changes things in a way I do not like but eventually adapt to their way of doing things. There are just too many good things about their products that the little annoyances tend to get accepted.
I'm on the fence about getting one. If I did I couldn't use it for everyday use. I bang my watch on everything and fear I would do the same with this. I was impressed with all it could do though.
I'm sure Apple has thought of these, I'm not even sure you can find a watch any watch nowadays that doesn't have some kinda waterproofing.