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My Iphone 4 connects to early to voicemail


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Sep 3, 2010
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Jailbreaked and unlocked iPhone 4, Firmware 4.01
My phone is connected to "Telenor" (Norway).

Evrything works fine, except to things.

1. regardless of the settings on my 'profile' at Telenor, which says, "ring for 50 seconds, then connect to voicemail", my phone actually connects to voicemail after about 17 secs.
This is very short, and i have a lot missed calls.
I have twin sim, and with the other phone, an old nokia, it works fine.
the strangest of all, is that IT WORKS if i call myself with another Iphone 4 !!. Then it also was a bit strange, that from that other phone i heard the ringsignal 2 times befor my receiving phone actually showed som signs of having incoming call..
I have tride all of these *61*xxxxxxxx commands, but it doesnt work. I've also registered a case on this at Telenor, and they reported back that they could not find any problems.

2. the second thing which is not working, is RECEIVING MMS messages
Sending MMS is working.
This is a minor issue....the ring-issue is irritating.

Appriciate tips on the ring-issue. Anyone ??