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Music bought from ITunes store is missing


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Sep 11, 2010
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I just got an iphone 4G, 16GB and am trying to sync with itunes. It appears the music I purchased from itunes previously is missing. I tried to repurchase the songs after spending multiple hours with the idiots on the apple support line but, it says you have already purchased. Do I just need to set up a new account and download, burn to CD and then import into the old account? Is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance!! I have always been a Blackberry & PC guy so the iphone & apple software right now is least user friendly thing I have ever attempted to use.
First settle down support at apple are not idiots ok
I assume you purchased songs on your Dell in iTunes if that's the case launch iTunes you will see a tab that says songs purchased or similar open tab and advise if your songs are there. You can also search iTunes for what ever song you purchased. Assuming you find your songs create a new playlist and drag them there connect the iPhone and you will see tabs look at music and see play lists select the playlist for you songs and sync bottom right iTunes
Hope this helps
Thank you! I was able to recover most from the purchased tab. However, I still have about 5 songs that are missing. I tried searching iTunes without success. I am thinking about rebuying them on my wifes computer and then transferring them over to my laptop. Is that possible?
Col, (I hope you see this..)

Ok, I updated to the latest version of itunes and purchased a couple of songs and then synched. All of a sudden my itunes library only shows the song I just bought. (Yes, the phone now only has 2 songs on it.)

I am beginning to think the phone is defective. I am going to the apple store in the morning with the phone and laptop to see if they can help.

If you have any ideas please let me know. (My only idea is to beg AT&T to let me return the iphone and go back to an android or Blackberry which IMO are much more user friendly.) I am trying to learn and am getting frustrated that I can not.
You need to read the help instructions before you start going crazy the iphone is far easier than the android and blackberry in respect to music.

I have used iTunes since day one it seems you may not have checked the boxes when the iPhone was connected the music tab will reflect the songs you have in iTunes you then select what play lists you need to sync. Once you have done this just sync. Same applies to pictures and apps.

For the record I have 2 iPhones , 2 iPod touches, Apple tv and an iPad plus an iPod nano all syncing from one account