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mScribble Music App Makes Making Music Easy on your iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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Appular and Panpipes Ho! have released a really cool music-creation app called MScribble, which is designed to make players of all ages feel like accomplished music composers. And believe it or not, the concepts and algorithms used to develop mScribble were originally created for extremely complex design problems in the Aerospace industry. Now though, all that technology is being used to help you make sweet music on your iPhone! By capturing and managing the effects of dynamics, timbre and texture of a musical composition, mScribble provides a foundation for users to create unique masterpieces.

The app is designed for all ranges of musical aptitude, from parents and children to music teachers and music lovers, and includes ten different music styles and four different “sound colours” that alter the underlying tone. By tapping and scribbling on the screen, you can control the pitch and volume of your melodies while mScribble’s intelligent music technology ensures that each creation is always in perfect key. Here’s David Place, Founder of Panpipes Ho!, talking about the app:

“Studies suggest that the positive effects of music education are far-reaching and universal. We found that children are especially enamored with mScribble. They are like little modern-day Mozarts. It’s wonderful to watch.”

You can download mScribble for iPhone and iPod touch here for $0.99.

Source: Appular