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Music App mScribble Adds New Music Library and Two Musical Styles Via Update


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppularÂ’s popular music improvisation app mScribble has just had a major update today, including the addition of a Music Library and two new musical styles. The Music Library enables users to manage, organise and replay all of their favourite saved recordings, as well as download recordings to their computer via the iTunes File Sharing option. In the saved recordings feature, files can now be renamed before or after saving to the music library with additional buttons for alternative list editing. A slider has also been added to the main menu to enable users to listen, send and manage saved recordings as well as control the volume of accompaniment in each musical composition.

The mScribble update also introduces two new musical styles, PachelbelÂ’s Finger and Echo Canyon. PachelbelÂ’s Finger is a special mScribble arrangement of PachelbelÂ’s Canon in D major, and Echo Canyon contains no bass line but uses an ocarina acoustic melody to capture the harmonic expression of an awe-inspiring landscape.

“We made several changes to mScribble’s user interface to allow for more flexibility when users manage their creations in the app,” says David Place, Founder of Panpipes Ho!. “In addition, we added Pachelbel’s Canon in D major, a piece that permeates our culture and has even been used as the bass line of many popular songs in all styles. We thought it would be fun for our users to improvise their own canonic creations in mScribble while using a bass line that has been as popular and widely used as this one.”

Click here to download mScribble for $1.99: mScribble: make music with your finger! for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: Appular