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Ever wanted to play a fun musical game on your iPad/iPhone/iPod?


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Sep 26, 2011
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Then Piano Hero is for you! This incredibly addictive and simple to use app makes it super easy to play instruments on your device!





Download:App Store - Piano Hero

* Keyboard keys are highlighted as you play to help you learn. No more sheet music!

* Over 128 sounds to choose from: piano, music box, guitar, horn, drum, rain, saxophone, crystal, violin and many more!

* Work on your rhythm in the area below the keyboard. Tap at the correct time to get points! Only 50% points is possible here but you get pretty notes in return!

* Adjust song tempo according to your preference

* Want to listen to the song before playing? Enjoy the music while our app jumps between the keys!

* Pick from 50+ songs to play! We're adding more so keep checking!

- Fur Elise (L. V. Beethoven)
- Moonlight Sonata (L. V. Beethoven)
- Air on the G string (J. S. Bach)
- Zulquei Waltz
- prayer of the Virgin
- Menuet
- Fantasia
- Gypsy Rondo
- Beethoven moonlight
- Spanish Matador
- Bach Little Prelude in F Major
- Alla Turca
- Secret Garden
- Waltz in A-Flat (J. Brahms)
- Romance de Amor
- Mozart Symphony in G Minor forty(short)
- Spring (A. Vivaldi)
- Carmen - Prelude (G. Bizet)
- Aria in D-Moll (J. S. Bach)

Remember you can always get back to the previous version of this app with a single button click, where you can:
* Play with your friends in "duet mode" on a single iPad, even with different instruments
* Record your music to replay later or share with friends!
* Easily navigate along our full piano keyboard.
* Still learning? Turn on key labels and find the key you're looking for!

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