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Movie cannot be played


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Aug 30, 2010
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When I try and stream a movie or video clip in safari/quicktime on my Iphone4, the clip takes forever to load and then says Movie cannot be played. When I try and play the same video on my Iphone3GS it works perfectly?? Other times on my Iphone4 it will take forever to load, play about the first 3 seconds and then freeze, again the clip is played perfectly on my Iphone3GS handset. Its over a fast Wifi network also.

Any suggestions?
I dunno what format it is but why would it work on my old iphone3gs and not on iPhone4
what did you do last time for it to work? did you need to jailbreak or download any file from app store? what did you do? or did some one else do it for you?
did have to do anything to it. It just worked automatically from day one on my Iphone3gs, but now have this issue with iphone4.
you must be doing something different for it to be not working. go though it step by step what you would do, maybe your missing something on the 4
I think you are misunderstanding, all I am doing is just clicking on a video clip on an internet page, and watching it. There is nothing that I need to do except load a webpage in safari and touch the video on the screen, its automatically plays in quicktime on my old iphone but doesn't on iphone4.
oh ok, sorry yes i did miss understand.. tell me the site if you want i can try it