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MMS...driving me NUTS!!


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Dec 16, 2012
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I'm in a book club...when it's time for someone to host, they Text a MMS to all of us...Flood Gates open and everytime someone responds, my phone lets me know I have a text...I went to Details and turned on "Do Not Disturb". That doesn't stop the annoying responses.
Please, won't someone tell me how to stop this?
If everyone who is texting is on an iPhone (and iOS 8), you can leave a conversation by tapping on the "Details" button at the upper right side of the message you want to leave. When the pop-up opens, scroll down to find "Leave this Conversation" and that should do it.

However, if anyone is not on iMessage/iOS 8, then I'm afraid your only recourse is to ask people to stop texting you.

I have an iPhone6 and it's been updated to 8.1.3. I do know that 3 of the others have iPhones of some type and another lady has an antique(but she can send/receive texts). When I press Details, mine doesn't say "Leave the conversation" I only have the Do Not Disturb. And it is on.
Then I guess you can only explain your issue and ask them, gently :)) ), to take any conversation to a separate text.

Sorry, but leaving a conversation just got introduced in iOS 8 on the iPhone. Too new, yet, to just leave, if ever you will be able to. Sorry.