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Mivizu Alien EPIX Hard Shell Case Review (Verizon Model)


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Feb 10, 2011
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I will be reviewing the Black Cherry Alien EPIX Hard Shell Case by Mivizu. It is available for both CDMA and GSM iPhone Models (Verizon or AT&T in the U.S.). It also comes in “Chicago Blue”, “Cotten Pink”, and “Carbon Black”.


Like many of the popular plastic cases nowadays, this case has a soft rubberized coating on both the red and black portions of the case which is very pleasant to the touch. It gives a nice grip that the phone otherwise does not have by itself. The back red portion of the case also has a slightly different texture (you can see in some of the pictures), providing a unique feel that stands out from other cases.



The design of this case is nice, but is not without its flaws. Although the case snug over the phone, there is a small gap in the bottom corners where the two pieces meet together. I am using this case with a Power Support screen protector, however even without the phone in it the gap can still be seen. It is not very noticeable but it is there.


One of the corners has a very small triangle, which I have assumed to be the corner to begin opening the case for removal. Because of the small gap I mentioned before, this makes it much easier to dig ones fingernails in, making it less frustrating to open the case. This makes me wonder whether the small space was intentional or a design flaw. All the openings on the case are aligned in the correct position, including the opening for the slightly relocated mute switch on the Verizon version. I have also been able to use an old original iPod Video cable and a third-party cable for syncing/charging the phone (although I am not saying all third-party cables may fit, it seems like most will).





The packaging for this case has a unusual design feature, which is its ability to transform! A minute or two of origami-like magic and you now have an official Mivizu Accessory Stand. Although the stand is obviously not the highest quality stand you can buy, it is a nice touch and adds a little fun to the otherwise soon to be thrown away packaging.




Overall this case definitely surprised me. I am not too familiar with the company, but the case looks good, and feels like it is built well. It has a snug fit on the phone and I have taken it on and off multiple times in the last few days with no signs of it loosening up or breaking where it snaps together. This is definitely a case I plan on using frequently and would recommend you consider it if you are looking for something to add light protection and a little style.

Here's a few more photos:





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