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mike arnoldi


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Jun 26, 2010
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atlanta ga
i am using iphone 3G & planning to buy the iphone 4.0 when it arrives this week- i saw a working phone @ the ATT store & just loved it:photos:
they are pretty sweet, no doubt ;) welcome to the forums!
can hardly wait.
i also found an online place where i am able to sell my iphone - called gazelle & was offered $94 ( that's about 1/2 price i bought it for 2 years ago )
Welcome, I can't wait to get my iPhone 4 this week too. Hopefully my AT&T store has some when I am able to get there.
All three of us are in the same boat. It's almost near! Tomorrow is the big day, hopefully we all grab an iPhone. :)
wooohoo got mine - i am crazy stood in line at ATT store 2am and was #3 in line. the # 1 guy in line was there since 8pm the night before
i am a crazy geek