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Microsoft Updates Skype Qik for iOS with Support for Captions, Music and Photos


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Nov 27, 2012
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Skype Qi is a video messaging service by Skype which allows users to exchange video messages between individuals or within a group. Now it has received an important update for iPhone users.

The most recent version now gets support for captions, music and photos. Here's how the official changelog for this update looks like:
  • Add a caption to make your video even more fun!
  • You can also add music to your video. Tap on the music icon to start
  • Now you can share photos, too! Create and send a slideshow using photos from your gallery
With its new feature that allows users to add captions to video that are displayed as an overlay on top of their clip, Qik now takes it on rival app Snapchat. Microsoft still hasn’t announced if or when Qik’s Android and Windows Phone apps will get these new features, so if you are an iPhone owner, go ahead and download the latest version to make use of these new features.

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