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Microsoft Office for iPad is Now Free to Use; Testing Android Tablet Version & More


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Jul 27, 2011
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Here is some Microsoft, Apple and Google news all wrapped up into one, and it isn't a lawsuit! After you have recovered from that shock, here's the news...

Microsoft just announced that their Office for iPad product will now offer basic editing as a standard free feature on the iPad, just like it is for Android phones and the iPhone. You will still need an Office 365 subscription to get some of the more advanced features and editing tools, but most of those will only be necessary for business users anyway. This is amazing news for Office users on the iPad.

There's more news to go along with this, and it applies to the iPhone and to Android tablets. First, Office for Mobile for iPhone has gotten a huge redesign. Instead of the convoluted mess we had before, Office for Mobile iPhone is now three standalone programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and each of them has the same excellent tool set found in the iPad version.

The final tidbit is for anyone who has an Android tablet. Apparently, Microsoft is in the public beta-testing stage to offer Office for Android tablets as well. It too will include stand-alone apps Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and will probably function just as it does on the iPad.

Oh yeah, there is one final P.S. - Microsoft also announced there is a touch-friendly version of Office in the works for Microsoft's own OS, but that won't be ready until Windows 10.

Source: Engadget