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Meow Meow Happy Fight Looking Good for iOS


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Jun 18, 2010
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Big Pixel Studios has today announced the forthcoming release of a Japanese-style dual-stick shooter set in modern-day Tokyo, featuring a giant Happy Cat that feels that it's maybe too happy in its present time and has therefore travelled back in time from the year 2336 AD, to bring “happiness and destruction” to present day Tokyo. Sounds like it’s confused and maybe has megalomaniac tendencies to me!

The description alone already had me purring, and seeing the teaser trailer has convinced me to fork over my £0.59 ($0.99, €0.79), which will be the special introductory price for the game when it hits the iTunes App Store on August 5th.

If you love cute Japanese-style games then this really does look like a super app. Featuring 24 action-packed levels, 15 characters to unlock, 12 super power-ups and 1 giant Happy Cat, the slick character design, gorgeous backgrounds and catchy Japanese music all add to the game’s appeal. Here’s Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios Managing Director, talking about the game:

“With Meow Meow Happy Fight weʼve created a game based around a simple mechanic, which gradually expands into something much more in-depth and skill demanding. We put a big focus on the AI of opponents. They move, think and act as if they were controlled by real players, and can often out-smart you with a special attack, or cheekily snatch a kill after you've put in all the hard work.”

Looks purr-fect to me!

Source: Big Pixel Studios