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Dual-Stick Shooter Meow Meow Happy Fight Hits the App Store


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Jun 18, 2010
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British Indie developers Big Pixel Studios' dual-stick shooter Meow Meow Happy Fight is out today. Set in modern-day Tokyo, the game features a giant Happy Cat that has travelled back in time from the year 2336 AD, where everyone is too happy, to start causing a ruckus here. It's a fun little shooter with lots of cool touches, like the fact that the level select is a real map of Tokyo that you get to move around. The controls are really easy to pick up: you move the virtual stick on the left to guide your character, and press the virtual button on the right to shoot. Try and rack up as many kills as possible to get Happy Points and unlock new levels and characters. Although it's really just a very simple, repetitive shooter as far as the gameplay is concerned, it's got a lot of style and humour, and it's also fairly challenging once it gets going.

To celebrate the game's release, it's on sale for a limited time for just $0.99/£0.59 (usual price $2.99/£1.79), and as a bonus, Big Pixel Studios will also be dropping the price of some of their other games such as Piyo Blocks 2. Even better, they're giving the first Piyo Blocks game away for free, just for today!

Source: Big Pixel Studios

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