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Mecho Wars Sequel Mecho Tales Announced for iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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Luc Bernard, creative director of Oyaji Games and the creator of the hit iPhone game Mecho Wars, has just announced on his blog that the sequel to Mecho Wars, Mecho Tales, which was originally supposed to be just for the Sony PSP, will also now be coming out on the iPhone, hopefully in December. Luc also revealed in the post that he's been working on a new vampire/werewolf turn-based strategy game called Vampire Werewolves, which he hopes to have released as soon as November. In a separate post on Touch Arcade's Forum, Bernard shared some screenshots from the PSP version of Mecho Tales, promising fresh iPhone screenshots soon. (The screenshot with this news post is also taken from the PSP version). In response to a comment from a fan who said that the game looked "epic", Bernard replied:
"It will be epic ;-) The action will be over the top in some levels."
Whereas Mecho Wars was a turn-based strategy game, its sequel, Mecho Tales is actually a platformer, but as you can see, both share Bernard's colourful, original and artistic vision.

Source: Luc Bernard, Touch Arcade