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Mary L


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Jul 17, 2010
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I have always been an apple groupie. My new iphone 4 was my fifth purchase with this company. At first I was totally impressed by its speed but then quickly became totally unimpressed the with signal strength and # of dropped calls. It was so bad that on vacation I had to call long distance collect to convey essential travel information. This happened just a few days before consumer reports came out with it's article. My husband has always been skeptical about Apple's business practices. He says things like 'they don't test things as will as microsoft before they rush it to market', and 'what apple does best is market itself'. Now his new favorite phrase is, 'that's more apple crapple'.
I guess my honeymoon is over with apple and I will always be more skeptical.
So far I think the company has done just fine with handling the issue. Free bumper,30 day refund...... I see windows Vista as a flop.... its a pain in the butt just like the iphone4 IF you hold it just right. But hey in the end its you keep it....you live with it. Can't really blame apple.
I think my problem is just with the antenna issue. It works great as a PDA. Faster than anything I have had before. Also the MobileMe keeps everything connected. Yesterday I had something applied to it called 'Ghost Armor'. It is a clear plastic film that covers the entire phone including the sides. Does anyone know if this will work as well as the bumper? Is the bumper working ?
Yes, it will solve your problem. Anything conductive (wet/moist fingers) play with the signal. With a nonconductive wrap your fingers will not cause any issues. :)