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Man Attempts Bizarre Robbery Using iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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MSNBC reports today that a man in New London, Connecticut tried to rob a restaurant by pretending that his iPhone was a gun, only to be thwarted by the brave restaurant staff who grabbed actual real knives to defend themselves.

According to police reports, Jerome Taylor, 20, donned a mask when he arrived at the Northern Indian restaurant this Wednesday, then proceeded to brandish what staff assumed was a weapon of some sort and demanded that they hand over the takings. The brave cooks in the restaurant refused to comply with Taylor’s wishes, and instead picked up real knives in order to protect themselves. Taylor then apologised and told the cooks that he was only joking and that he needed money for his child, before running off. When the police caught up with Taylor later, he confessed, before revealing that it was his iPhone, and not a gun, that he had been using to threaten the cooks. The restaurant staff felt sorry for the man and said they didn’t want to press charges, but he was arrested anyway and charged with attempted robbery and interfering with an officer.

Source: Never bring an iPhone to a knife fight - U.S. news - Weird news - msnbc.com
LOL an iphone? the sound is not that loud or realistic!!!!

poor guy couldent even feed his children
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I wouldn't mess with Indians after watching IRT World's Deadliest roads.

Who would want money from an Indian restaurant anyway when the food is so good. If I was going to rob one, I'd bring nothing but tupperware & a backpack so I could raid the buffet & run lol.
im sorry but i got to say this!!! what a morron who does a robbery and frightens people to extorque money suposely for his kid BUT he has a top of the line iphone who arent cheap OHHH what a coincidence to have money for the gun apps for the operators bill but no money for his kid health or food doesnt matter... he rather hold on to his iphone and do a robbery??? what a morron, just sell the iphone for cash and grow-up before having a kid at 20.