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Making a phone call and then phone beeps and hangs up


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Mar 11, 2011
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I've had my Verizon iPhone 4 for almost a month and I've had no problems with it until just recently.

The past 4-5 days I've went to call a business or a restaurant by looking up that business or restaurants number on safari, find it and call the number. I call that number that I found using Safari and I'll know I've connected because you can hear the phone ringing and then I'll hear 2 beeps and the phone hangs up. I'll call the number back and bam the problem isn't there anymore and I'll actually get to talk to someone like nothing ever happened. I thought that the reason behind the hang ups is because you cant talk to somebody and search the web at once hence why the phone hung up until today.

I called my wife and again I knew I was connected because I could hear it ringing and then the 2 beeps went off and the phone hung up. I'll call her back and it'll act like nothing ever happened. I have full 5 bars and everything but the beeps sound like the ones you hear when you don't have any service

I've made phone calls in the past that didn't have this problem but all of a sudden it shows up now. Once I call the person or business back the 2nd time I can carry a whole converstation without it dropping a call. I've never had any drop calls or where my phone has magically hung up on my during converstations so I know its not the antenna giving me problems.

Anybody know anything or have heard about this?

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