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Make my life easier?


Jul 11, 2010
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When I first jailbreak I clicked on Make my life easier but I had to restore to factory settings. Today I jailbroke again but the option to Make my life easier is not there. Is this means it saved from the first jailbreak? Thanks
What does it say at the top of the home page in cydia. It will be in green writing if you don't have a theme active.
Ok I see it that it has been saved, thanks
might be a dumb thing to ask but what does "make my life easier" option actually do, i clicked it because i know youre "supposed to" but im not sure what it does =\
It saves your blobs for your current firmware, which allows you to downgrade when apple stop signing that firmware due to a update.
So i JB my iphone and being stupid i clicked out of the "make my life easier" page! Now i can't seem to find it anywhere...... How can i get to save my blobs on Cydia please help !
If you clicked the "make my life easier" you don't have to worry about it anymore. You're good to go!!
how about cydia??ok??