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looking for a speed dial app


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May 10, 2011
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looking for a speed dial app that would allow me to store phone numbers to memory positions like in the old days! I want to be able to be in the dial pad and hold down the "!" for a certain length of time, say one second, and it will automatically call home. "2" for my wife, "3" for my work etc etc.

Does such an app exist?
There's probably an app for that. However, why not use voice dialing? Hold down the Home button until the Voice dial screen comes up, phone will Beep Beep, say "Call Home," or "Call Wife Mobile", or "Call Wife Home", "Call Joe Jones Mobile".... The phone will use your contacts to dial the number of the party whose name you ask it to dial. No need to look at the phone to dial, like pressing a number would. Safer, and you won't need to remember is Joe Jones mobile #6 or #7?
Look up for "youlu" in the app store, it doesn't do exactely what you want but it's close to it as it has a smart dialer. And youlu is free. So you can try out see if it can be of an alternative for you.

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Check out this youtube video on how to add speed dial numbers to your main screen. I just did it and it works...the only slightly annoying thing is that you have to click it once then click "call". Pretty cool though!

Go to youtube and in the searchbox type: iPhone Speed Dial Trick
Then click on the video by tanglife
look for quick button in the app store. pretty much exactly what you want.

heres a screenshot of mine

This app looks like it will work for me but I can't find it under the name you provided. Could you please double check the name and possibly provide a link?
Here it is


I actually made a folder to put my most used contacts into. Otherwise they go on the home screen.
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