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listening to music or youtube through bluetooth


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Feb 9, 2012
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My phone (4s) is paired with the bluetooth in my car and phone calls and siri go through it. Problem is it wont play music, youtube or any other apps through the bluetooth.
anyone know why or how I can get it working?

What kind of car. I have ford p/u, with Sync which kinda sux...made for windows....but the phone syncs via phone, and on media you have to tell it to go to that source. HaveNOT tried both at same time. Hope this helps

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In my car I just press Auxiliary or Aux and just it connects.
Depends on what car you have. Phone calls and Siri use what is called Hands-Free Profile. Streaming audio uses Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. The iPhone supports both, but does your car?
Two different inputs as far as the car goes. I have a Lexus and I had to pair my phone and also my car-media. Two separate things in the car. Same Bluetooth icon on the phone. Once paired it it normally listed as BT and sometimes Auxiliary in your vehicle.

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