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LG to Increase OLED Display Production for Big iPhone Order?


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Jun 18, 2010
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According to a story from South Korea’s ET News today, via AppleInsider, LG is to boost production of OLED displays at its 6G facilities in the first half of 2017, aiming for 75,000 substrates per month. LG’s current 4.5G facilities produce 20,000 substrates per month, so this is a particularly big increase.

Unsurprisingly, it is thought that this huge increase must have something to do with Apple’s rumoured plans to use curved OLED displays in the iPhone range from 2017 onwards. Previous strong rumours have said that both Samsung and AU Optronics will be involved in producing the OLED displays for Apple, and now it looks like LG, as expected, will be joining them.

But it’s still a little too early to get excited about OLED iPhones, as AppleInsider notes that we may have to wait until 2018 or even 2019 for it to happen, so don’t expect anything this year or next year.

Source: LG aims at ramping up curved OLED production amid rumors of iPhone plans

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