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"Let me introduce myself"


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Jul 18, 2010
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Baton Rouge
- That's a quote by Mick Jagger from "Sympathy for the Devil".

Anyway, I'm 6 years retired from a well known oil refining company. Started renovating 'Katrina" houses in New Orleans 3 years ago and now own my a construction company. My daughter was going to give me an Iphone for Christmas last year, then changed her mind because she thought I couldn't "handle" it, as in too dumb to figure it out. I didn't want to pay the extra internet charges anyway. Then she upgrades and gives me her old one. I said sure, because ATT dropped their unlimited minutes to $69.99 and the internest charge brought my bill back up to what I was use to paying, the $99.99. Within 2 weeks I could not figure how I lived without it. My business productivity has doubled, yada yada. But the old phone she gave me was trashed out: bad speakers, camera didn't work. So I became an I4peep. Gonna keep posted to the forum to learn the latest and hope to learn of some new apps for my biz. Glad to join y'all.
Welcome to the forum, sounds like you have some good deals with atee and tee.. unlimited calls/3g thats good