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Jailbroken phone and edges of screen flicker


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Apr 27, 2014
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Can some one please help me? The edges of my phone screen keep shaking and I dont know how to stop this only happen after I installed a tweak from jailbreak but I removed it and it still doesn't work. Please help. I have a iphone 4 iOS 7.1.1 jailbroken by this method ***Moderation Notice: External links have been removed by iPhoneForums staff in accordance with Forum Rules.*** I would really appreciate it if anyone would be so kind as to lend me a hand here. I am honestly a noob at this. Wil this all be fixed if I remove the jailbreak and all it's tweaks? How can I do that with out loosing my game data and apps? I really worked hard on some games and spend alot in a game from in game purchases and I dont want to loose it all. Please help me out here it would truly be appreciated
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