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Jailbroken iPhone 4g


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Dec 7, 2010
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I jailbroke my iPhone 4g (4.2) and it seems to work fine. Until I make a call. Cydia crashes. If I'm on the phone, and I touch the volume button, it crashes. Any advice?
restore back to factory settings.....if the problem is still there,take the phone back
if the problem is fix buy a restore,rejailbreak,and hope the same thing doesnt happen
Still doing it. I'm hoping a new version of RedSnow will come out? Or, new jailbroken software.

Thanks anyway.
I would... Restore then rejailbreak. If it still does it then jailbreak with a custom firmware using pwnage tool. Otherwise... Did you back up your shsh blobs before you went to 2.1? If so you can always go back to 2.1 then rejailbreak using limera1n or greenpois0n, however those will be a tethered jailbreak. Good luck
I think I found the problem. I went through the jailbreak one by one. BiteSMS may have been the problem. I jailbroke my phone for the 6th time. I left BiteSMS off. And for the first time, my phone is not crashing. My fingers are crossed.
Strange case becouse my iPhone4 uses BiteSMS from 3 months and nothing happends ;)