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Jailbreakme.com - help!


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Aug 16, 2010
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Hi, just got my iphone 4.. I accidently updated it to 4.0.2. I went on youtube, followed a video about how to downgrade to 4.0.1. Went on jailbreakme.com, I think it started to jailbreak, but it was very slow, I thought it had froze and I hit cancel. Now when I go and try to jailbreak it it says 'oops... File received was invalid." What do I do! :( I've restored it, hard reset, everything!
Hi Matti,
Do just nothing!
Go to jailbreak again after some hours as the server is temporary down.
Are you sure this is why i am getting the invalid file error
Yes server is down that's why the error


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My mate said it worked for his mate 20mins ago
Its still not working, I have a 4.0.1 3GS sat in gront of me and the download bar isnt moving.... looks like it still has issues