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iTunes error on install


Mar 24, 2014
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I'm trying to install iTunes on my laptop , running windows 7 , iTunes 64bit , but every time I try to install it keeps saying there was errors and doesn't install.
I have no idea what errors , since it doesn't specify what error it is encountering.

anyone got any ideas why this is happening?
thanks , I tried an older version and that worked.
I would still like to know why I wasn't able to install the latest one , though.

Do you think I would be able to upgrade to the newer one since it's already installed now?
Not entirely sure. I'm still running iTunes 11.1.2 myself. iTunes isn't exactly Windows friendly from experience, so I tend to upgrade at the last possible minute. Though when I tend install a fresh copy of iTunes on other computers, I tend to install an older version first, then upgrade manually through iTunes rather than downloading a fresh installation exe. It's never given me any issues if I do it that way.
just an update, I did manage to upgrade to the newer iTunes, 11.1.5 via update, however there was an issue with iCloud. I suspect that was what was causing the error in the initial install.