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Issues with restoring from old back up to new phone


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Oct 28, 2012
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So I purchased a iphone 5 but currently have a 4 and im thinking about how to transfer important data to my new phone i.e contacts SMS etc.

However My iphone 4 is prettty old and im concious of corrupted data and junk that i dont want transfered to my new one bogging it down.

Will restoring from back up also transfer any junk or unwanted data that may mess up my iphone 5? i am also concious of the fact that the 'other' partion in my iphone 4 is large which can indicate all the crap i cannot see on it.

Just any thoughts and information would be nice. I do not want a new phone ruined with old bad data slowing it down etc. Would it leave the crap behind and simple move over contacts photos etc?

Many Thanks


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