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Is there any reason AT&T would need to know?


Jun 20, 2010
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Since I now have my iPhone 4, my wife wants my 3G. She already has unlimited Internet and text on her blackberry, so is there any reason she can't just take her sim card out of her Blackberry and put it in the 3G? Does AT&T need to be made aware of this?
no i wouldent of thought so not sure why they would need to know. but who knows how things work in the us maybe they do. cant hurt to ask him, but im 99% sure they wont care :)
I was in the same exact situation a year ago. We swapped sim cards and all has been well. She went from a blackberry curve to an iPhone 3G.
I'm pretty sure the unlimited Internet for blackberry is just $15.... I would make sure your bill is right before you get stuck with a big data bill.... Better safe than sorry!
An AT&T sales guy told me that the network somehow determined which device was being used and upgraded or downgraded the data plan fee accordingly. Not sure if that was a ruse to keep me from swapping sim cards in bb and 3GS but i used to do it on occasion. The network did get confused about which phone had which sim though. This was a couple years back with an original iPhone and bb pearl (which is the last phone I had a love affair with until now--5 phones later).
Thanks for the input guys. I think I'll come clean with AT&T. I'll sleep better.
I wouldn't do it.. I'm pretty sure that they know it's iPhone.
While back I do remember reading that all AT&T accounts that are using iPhone will automatically be changed to iPhone data plan.
AT&T may not be that good but make sure they get their money.

So, I'm pretty sure if you change it, they'll find out and change your plan.
I wouldn't let AT&T know if I were you, let them change it automatically and then you can call them. The only problem is you may not be able to access apple apps if you don't have the apple data plan.

By the way, their system can and will automatically detect your phone. I purchased a used blackberry phone (from a private party) for my wife and son and when I checked my online AT&T account, the system showed the exact blackberry model they have. AT&T will also tell you that they will automatically add data plan to any smartphone but we've had the blackberry for over 6 months now and we are only paying for voice. I didn't add data to my number until I got my iPhone 4.