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Is the 'jailbreakme.com' jailbreak safe?


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Aug 11, 2010
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Hey guys,

Just curious if this jailbreak is okay to use? I have 4.0.1 and wanted to know if it cause any issues? I heard it could cause 'MMS, FaceTime' problems?

Also, once you do have cydia on your menu, where do you go from there? All the tutorials seem to end. Do i need installous to get apps?

yes its safe, after you have cydia you go into the app and MAKE SURE TO PRESS "YES, MAKE MY LIFE EASIER", then you have to look for the apps that are ready to use with the iphone4, or when you apply it with winterboard they wont take effect, happy hacking =]
Its perfectly safe , but i have to say it isnt the best thing to do.
Jailbreaking disabled my safari browser and caused loads of lil bugs in certain apps i already had installed.

Btw this is my first post here. so sorry if i come off all flame like.
its perfectly safe there is no risk. all this rubbish you hear about bricked phones from jailbreak is rubbish. just to scare ppl from doing it
yes it save...i use it...

I think from personal experience it affects the phone in different ways. Negatively? Yes but not enough for what you get being jailbroken. You just need to be cautious what you download and don't install many apps at one time. I've learned so much from jailbreaking not because it worked perfectly for me but because I screwed it up by installing an app that killed my phone temporarily. I learned how to revive it and what not to do on my next jailbreak.
For me without jailbreak, it's just another phone. I will always jailbreak again.
So there are minor bugs? Someone told me their emails weren't coming in after jailbreaking their phone...

Also.. Say i jailbreak it.. is my next step to get installous.. go to 'sources' 'edit' 'http://cydia.hack......'

is this the correct process?