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iPhoneForums.net Review of the iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard


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Aug 26, 2014
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The staff at iPhoneForums.net received some products to review, and I volunteered to review this portable bluetooth keyboard made by iClever. What follows is my own personal opinion, keeping in mind that I received this product in exchange for a review, so price will not be a factor in my thoughts. I will mention that Amazon has it priced at $35.99. (Amazon.com: [PCMAG Recommend]iClever Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Ultraslim Mini Wireless Keyboard w/ Carry Pouch, Aluminum Alloy: Computers & Accessories)


The iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard (IC-BK03) on first glance is fairly beautiful. The first thing I noticed was that it comes in a black suede pouch, and the next thing I noticed was the size of the whole thing. Folded up, its about a centimeter taller than my iPhone 6, about one inch wider, and twice as thick. It fits in my back pocket easily (though I made sure to take it out when I sat down). It weighs less than my iPhone too.


When you unfold the keyboard it feels sturdy. What ever magical engineering went into the springs and folding mechanism is beyond me, and still impresses the crap out of me. The keyboard was shipped fully charged (or at least pretty well charged), and while I haven’t used it a ton, its been sitting idle for a few weeks and still has battery left (I haven’t charged it once). Immediately upon opening the keyboard, the bluetooth searches for devices, and my iPhone connects fantastically quick.


On to the bad:

Because the keyboard is so compact, the keys feel VERY close to each other. I don’t have large hands, but they feel very cramped. The design of the keyboard (understandably) moves around a couple of buttons from where I’m used to them being (notably the buttons in the corners of the keyboard), and I think that’s just a matter of getting used to the change. The most frustrating of these, though, is the Arrow keys, which are right where I expect the Shift button to be. Because of their proximity, I’m constantly moving my cursor, and I end up typing in the middle of the previous line because I hit the ‘Up’ key. Like VERY frustrating.

I kind of wish there was a way to prop up the keyboard just a couple of degrees, and without that (coupled with the cramped hand position), I feel like I could develop Carpal Tunnel if I used this keyboard too much. I also found myself wishing there was a stand (or dock even) to place my iPhone, but I ended up either propping it up on something, or using my own standalone dock.


There are moments when I get into a groove of typing without hitting the wrong keys and thats very rewarding, and it allows me to type much faster than on my iPhone keyboard, but I wouldn’t pull out this keyboard every time I wanted to text someone. Maybe if I knew I was sending a long email and didn’t have computer access, I’d be happy with this foldable keyboard.

Side note: the feeling of typing using the keys sounds and feels really wonderful.

I should also mention this keyboard works for iOS, Android and Windows, but I only tested it on my iPhone.

I’d give it a 7/10.
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Apr 24, 2013
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That's really cool! Looks like a nice piece of equipment. When I travel without my macbook, I bring a full size bluetooth keyboard for use with my iPad mini. This might be a good substitute for that.


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Jun 7, 2010
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Looks and sounds like it was well made. I'm not sure I would get one to use with my phone, but I would certainly consider it for use with my iPad.