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iPhone XS Solar Flare


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Oct 15, 2020
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Hello everyone!

I've been filming a lot of sunset and sunrise videos with my iPhone XS. I've noticed that when the camera is pointed into the sun, this green ball appears on the video...


I've tried polarizing lenses, lens covers / hoods and putting my hand above the lens, but nothing seems to get rid of it.

Does anyone know how to remove this flare?

Thanks so much for any info!

It could be a reflection on the inside of the sapphire cover glass over the lens.
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Thanks for the info! It seems like that is the case... ahhh!

So bizarre that a phone this expensive would have that issue... gosh!

Do you happen to know if this glare has been fixed for the iPhone 12 Pro?

Thanks again for the intel. So appreciate it!
The glare problem is a hardware issue and can’t be fixed with software. A third party lens hood may help. BTW, this problem has existed since the first iPhone in 2007.
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Thanks so much for the feedback. I bought a hood, but it didn't make a difference, unfortunately. Will take a look at the iPhone 12 Pro this week to see if the issue has been fixed in this model! Thanks again :)