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Another Great iPhone 6 Video Hits the Web


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Jul 27, 2011
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The end of last week was marked by a great video of what is supposedly the iPhone 6 in its fully assembled glory. It appears we are starting off this week right with another excellent look at the device on video.

This time, we have a Russian video which purports to show off the final iPhone 6. What's particularly interesting about this video is that there are some differences compared to some previous leaks. For example, this video shows that the the lock/unlock button has been relocated from the top to the side. That's not all though, so here is a quote with more of the details,

On the opposite side of the device, the volume buttons have also been changed, from flat circles to raised ellipses, perhaps for a better tactile feedback. One other change that may perhaps look ugly to some users is the rear camera, which is now raised. According to the video commentary, it is now similar to the iPod touch and was a necessary compromise given that the camera module has been improved but needed to fit in a substantially thinner iPhone 6 frame.

Other changes are more subtle. The Face Time camera has been brought back to the side of the front speaker instead of on top. The edges of the device itself are also rounded instead of the straight hard edges of the previous iPhone generations. And the rear of the device sports a unibody look, not just in design but in color as well, looking quite similar to the back cover design of a MacBook.

There's one last tid-bit along for the ride with this video. If you turn subtitles on (or can speak Russian), you will notice they claim the iPhone 6 will not come with a Sapphire display as has been previously rumored. It will instead come with a more advanced tempered glass. This is supposedly due to the high production costs associated with sapphire glass.

Sound off and let us know what you think of this "new version" of the rumored iPhone 6.

Source: Slashgear
It's going to be interesting to see next week just how close to the real thing the rumours are.