Iphone XS Max top speaker problem

Discussion in 'International iPhone Users' started by Yono_Sastra, Nov 13, 2018.

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    Hello everyone! I am a new member here. I am from Indonesia. I dont know if i post this topic correctly in this group or not. I just want to know if anybody has experienced the same as mentioned in the above title. I ve been using my xs max (512gb version) about 2 weeks with no problem. Until 2days ago i noticed my top speaker (earpiece area) stop working. What i mean is it did not create sound when i play music/video. The sound only came out from bottom speaker. It worked fine during calls. After i did the quick reboot, the top speaker works normal again until now. It happened only once. But according to what i read in the other forum, it seems many people been experiencing the same. It says after reboot everything back to normal but only for temporarily. After few days the problem will reoccur. Is it true? How to solve this problem for good? Any guide? Thanks alot for your input.

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