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Iphone motherboard transfer

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Aug 28, 2014
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Hello, I have a few questions on a very unusual situation. (skip to the second paragraph for the question not the story)

I currently own an Iphone 4S that is very worse for ware, the screen has a crack in it (not very bad but annoying) but that is the least of my problems the ribbon for the screen is somehow torn/bent because the screen of my phone at first began to just have white lines flash on the screen now and then like the static on an old tv. It then began turning completely white at times so I could really do nothing with the phone. At about the time the screen began to do that the wifi began to stop working with an issue many of you may know of that caused me to need to heat the phone until it shut off to get it to work again. I found that if i took off the back of the phone and wiggled the ribbon for the screen i could get it to stop being white. but after time it will no longer work and my phone is pretty much worthless. with brings me to my question..

Apon hearing my story a friend recently gave me an iphone 4s that someone dropped in his yard and have not come back for it in over 3 months so he offered to give it to me. problem is it has a pass code and with ios7 being that we cant find the phones owner the phone is useless. that said I would be curious if I took the motherboard from my current phone that doesn't have a working screen and is pretty worn out and put it into the other phone would it work or would it still be under the icloud lock? the phone is not in lost mode it just has a passcode.

I know this is long and confusing but I appreciate any help!

I have my phone upgrade in just over a month so I am just trying to limp through that time until i can get a new phone.


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Sep 24, 2012
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Regina, Canada
That iPhone that your friend gave you was not his to give, neither is it yours to keep. The proper thing to do is turn it in to the proper authorities. We will not help you to circumvent the iCloud lock on that phone, which is meant as a security feature to prevent anyone but the legitimate owner from using the phone.
The only advice we can give is to turn in the phone and wait for your upgrade.
With that, this thread is now closed.
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