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iPhone deletes notes after editing or making a new note?


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Nov 28, 2012
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Hello everyone. I've googled this to death (and searched iPhoneWorld), and cannot find even so much as a hint. My iPhone (iOS 6.0) today began doing the strangest thing regarding the Notes app. I'll attempt to explain it as best I can. I will add that my iPhone is set to not sync notes to iCloud.

I have dozens of notes in the Notes app. The phone is deleting any edited notes or new notes. If I am in Airplane Mode (with wi-fi + cellular off), all is kosher. If I edit an old note or create a new note while NOT in Airplane mode, the phone will delete the note as soon as I hit the "Notes" button in the top left hand corner that returns me to the list.

Update: Did lots of troubleshooting. Restored it as a new device, Notes works fine. So I went back to my backup. If I unsync my notes from my Yahoo! mail account, I can post and save notes fine. This is not really a great option however, as then all of my Notes dissapear. I could back them all up to my computer, but it's not optimal. Sync back to Yahoo!, same issue. So basically, if I turn off syncing to Yahoo!, issue is fixed, but it deletes all of my notes.
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I've resolved my issue through Apple technical support. I'd like to provide the resolution for the issue so that if anyone happens to have the same problem in the future, he/she may refer to my post here for a solution.

Apple Support had me delete the Yahoo! email account, readd it as "other", and since I could not get the account to authenticate under POP settings, we added the account under IMAP settings. Upon doing this, all notes (even the ones I wrote when the issue was occurring) "magically" reappeared.

Issue resolved; mods feel free to lock.