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iPhone and Printing


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Feb 8, 2013
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Yes but she won’t have home WIFI at all so there will be no network for her devices to use to talk to each other. She is going to be using public WiFi’s. They rarely provide printers matched to the same network.
My laser printer is a HP (non-wireless) that I have hooked up to my AirPort Extreme. I can print to it from my iPhone two different ways, one if I am on my wifi and one if not.

On my wifi I just select print the document and select my printer - printing done.

This works whether my AirPort Extreme is connected to the internet through an ISP or not.

The AirPort Express may work the same way, and for the price would be worth it just for the printing capability - if it indeed does work like the Extreme. Certainly less $$ than a new wireless printer.[/QUOTE


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Feb 12, 2012
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You can create a wifi network with a router and connect a printer to it. You can print to the printer from your iDevice if it is on the same wifi network.

Internet access is NOT required to setup and use a wifi network. Just because she doesn't have an ISP anymore has no bearing on whether or not a home wifi network can be set up and use a printer on it. You can also use a non-internet connected wifi network to stream movies from a computer or iDevice to an Apple TV to watch on a big screen.

Lots of options available, don't get stuck in the box